Goal Keeper


This is the only position unique unto itself. The goal keeper is the quarterback of the soccer team, he directs his defense, should have constant communication with her players and be fearless to personal injury. A highlight film for a goal keep is a bit different and what should be showcased is as follows:

Interview with the coach
Similar to the field players interview you want the coach to convey his confidence in his keeper. Does the keeper participate in grueling conditioning drills with the team? Do they communicate loudly and effectively? Do they encourage their team mates or just yell at them for not executing a coverage properly? Does the keeper know when to “come off his line” and utilize a punch save rather than a catch save?

Have the keeper demonstrate the following without being under pressure of a game situation.
Goal Kick – showcase how good his foot is. (Just like a kick off in football, it better be long and strong!) Avg distance of a Professional keeper is 60yds
Drop Kick – Can he punt it accurately to a specific spot on the field? Pro avg 50-60yds
Long Throw– Showcase her proper technique, how far can he throw it? Pro avg is 30-                              40yds
Short Throw-Show throwing to a team mate just outside the penalty area.
Diving– show the keeper left and right diving to save a low shot.
Vertical Jump– Can the keeper jump high enough to push the ball over the cross bar?

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