Football Combine/Camp


  • SPEED — running speed can be assessed with a 40-yard dash test, which measures acceleration and is a reliable indicator of speed, agility and quickness. Split times can be done at 10 and 20 yards to provide additional data on acceleration. This test is used in both the SPARQ and combine protocols.
  • AGILTY — a agility test designed for football is the 5-10-5 Agility (also called the 20 yard or pro-agility shuttle), a lateral movement test that measures the agility of the athlete, especially body control and 180 degree change of direction. This test is used in both the SPARQ and combine protocols. Another test of agility at the NFL Combine is the L-drill (3-cone drill), measuring agility with 90 degree turns.
  • UPPER BODY POWER — The Bench Press test as used in the combine measures the upper body strength and muscle endurance, requiring the athlete to press 225 lbs as many times as possible. Another test of upper body strength, which also assesses the more important measure of upper body power, is the Power Ball Toss, used in the SPARQ assessment.
  • LOWER BODY POWER — a measure of leg power and explosiveness is the Vertical Jump, in which the athlete jumps for maximum height. This test is used in both the SPARQ and combine protocols. There is also another very similar test of leg power in the combine, the Broad Jump(also known as the standing long jump).
  • 60-yard shuttle This is an anaerobic test, a ladder shuttle of progressing distances. From a starting line, a player runs 5 yards and back, then 10 yards and back, then 15 yards and back, touching the line each time.
  • REACTION — quick reactions and good decision making is a hallmark of a great football player. Although important, these attributes are not easily tested.


8:00am Registration


9:00am Dynamic Warm up (Full Group)

9:30am Shot Gun Start Testing (5 Groups rotate every 25 minutes=2hrs 5min)

  • 40 yard dash
  • Bench press/Power ball toss
  • Vertical jump
  • Broad jump
  • 20 yrd shuttle
  • L-Drill
  • 60 yrd shuttle

12pm Lunch Break

1:00pm High Performance Training

  •   Dynamic Warm Up
  •   40 Yard Technical Breakdown
  •   Explosive Speed Drills
  •   Lateral & Agility Drills
  •   Speed and Conditioning Workout Session

3:00pm End

SPEED 40 – Yard Dash (Field #1)

  • 4 Instructors (2 stopwatch testers and 2 recorders)
  • 2 stopwatches

Pro Agility (Field #2)

  • 4 Instructors (2 stopwatch testers and 2 recorders)
  • 2 stopwatches

Kneeling Powerball Toss (10 – 50 ft)

  • 4 Instructors (2 measuring readers and 2 recorders)
  • (2) 3 kg balls
  • Measuring tape
  • Duct tape
  • 2 pads for kneeling

Vertical Jump

  • 2 Instructors (1 measuring reader and 1 recorder)
  • Vertical Jump Tester / Wall tape (gym)
  • Bring “Vertimax”

Bench Press (# of reps at 185lbs.)

  • 4 Instructors (2 spotting and 2 recorders)
  • Bench Press (
  • Gym Floor (youth-push ups)


  • 2 instructors (1 measuring and 1 recorder)


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