Basketball Combine/Camp

Evaluation and Measurable Skills:

Fitness Component Test Comments
Strength 185 pound Bench Press The maximum number of bench press repetitions at 185 pounds is recorded. This is a test of maximum strength and repetition (strength) endurance. The test also requires excellent bench press technique to maximize the athlete’s score. See more details of the maximum bench press test and bench press technique.
Power Vertical Jump The vertical jump is a test of an athlete’s explosive leg power. There are two versions of this test performed, the standard (no step) vertical jump and a running Max Vert.
Speed ¾ Court Sprint Time to sprint over the distance of three quarters of the court is measured in seconds. Maximum running speed is important in basketball, though the acceleration or time over the first few steps is probably more important. See the details of the 3/4 sprint test procedure.
Agility Lane Agility Drill Agility is very important in basketball, and is measured using the lane agility test at the NBA camp. The Lane Agility test measures how fast a player moves laterally around the key. See more about the lane agility test.
Body Size Anthropometrical measurements that are taken include height with and without shoes, weight, wingspan and standing reach. Percent body fat has also been measured in the last few years.

All players must bring: Basketball Shoes, Ankle Braces & Water

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