Weight Loss

The Exercise Caloric Challenge – A consistent, dependable, client-centered system and process

This is a progressive and practice-based training and nutrition program designed with the primary outcome of weight loss (40 lbs or more) and, in particular, the maintenance of weight loss.

This program is perfect for you if you have tried programs with restrictive diets that are to hard to follow or leave you feeling deprived of your favorite foods, tired from too many workouts and confused about how to exercise the right way.

When there is a common priority of weight loss and fitness, “it is suggested an exercise program that leads to a weekly exercise expenditure of about 1,500 – 2,000 calories” (American College of Sports Medicine guidelines for exercise testing & prescription)

Your weight loss program is derived from graded, reliable and scalable exercise testing. Our testing allows us to establish your caloric consumption starting points (current workload), project your caloric consumption finish point (new workload) and then calculate the increases in your weekly exercise volume to the necessary levels (1,500-2,000/week).

Our expertise in assessing your baseline, projecting your progress and managing your weekly workload increases makes your results more dependable rather than hit or miss.  Also, you knowing your workloads allows you to see how the program should unfold in terms of weekly exercise volume (1,500-2,000 calories per week) to achieve positive fitness effects with a better probability of achieving personal goals and associated health benefits.

In short, your program will safely and efficiently take you to predetermined gains consistently, regardless of your age or current condition.  Those details include your training days, exercise selection and order, correct number of minutes, heart rate, rest intervals, sets, reps, weight per rep, etc.  Simply put, you will know what to do, when to do it, how to do it and the results you can expect to achieve ahead of time.   Making you happier, more motivated and more likely to sustain change.

Group: From $200.00 per month

Private Coach:

Rise Up

(3 month transformation)

From $320/month


Rise Up is a great plan for those of you who need more guidance and support from your fitness professional to ensure you achieve your health and fitness goals.

Game Changer

(6 month transformation)

From $280/month


Game Changer is a 6 month commitment and we look for those want to make serious changes to their health and fitness.



Life Changer

(One (1) year transformation)

From $240/month


This plan is truly ideal for those of you who know you need full support and guidance to deliver serious habit and lifestyle changes for the long term.

    • 2 – 4 Training sessions per week
    • Habit-based nutrition coaching and planning with accountability and measurement tracking
    • SSIFT training plan with results projected ahead of time, homework, results tracking and reporting
    • Attention beyond the training session: Email, text, private Facebook accountability group with the support and encouragement of other clients who are just like you
    • SSIFT Rewards Program

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