Bull in the Ring

This training and nutrition program is designed to help you build absolute strength

MS is for you if you’re looking to achieve maximal strength with goals of:

  • Increase lean body mass
  • Performance

Group:  From $200.00 per month

Private Coach:

Jump Start

 (1 month strength training)

From $360/month


This plan is ideal for those of you who enjoy training and are self-motivated but lack the know how to take your training and body to the next level.

Rise Up

(3 month transformation)

From $320/month


Rise Up is a great plan for those of you who need more guidance and support from your fitness professional to ensure you achieve your health and fitness goals.

Game Changer

(6 month transformation)

From $280/month


Game Changer is a 6 month commitment and we look for those want to make serious changes to their health and fitness.





  • 2 – 4 Training sessions per week
  • Habit-based nutrition coaching and planning with accountability and measurement tracking
  • SSIFT training plan with results projected ahead of time, homework, results tracking and reporting
  • Attention beyond the training session: Email, text, private Facebook accountability group with the support and encouragement of other clients who are just like you
  • SSIFT Rewards Program

  • Payment options

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