Online Employee Wellness Center

Create your own online wellness center by making our software yours. Your employees will interact with your company brand while at the same time experiencing all the benefits and features of the SSIFT user experience. No onsite fitness center needed.

Customized Online Services:

  • Change out our SSIFT header with your business logo and colors
  • Your employees will use your website to log in providing them with a seamless entry and experience
  • You and your employees will be charged a discounted monthly membership fee.  Discounted fee based on number of employees
  • Promote and grow your wellness program by portions of the monthly membership fees going towards the company’s wellness account

Onsite services (fees may apply):

  • Fitness assessment services – As the employer you will receive a comprehensive report that outlines the challenges your employees are facing along with recommendations for how to overcome these challenges as a company whole.
  • Training plan design
  • Training
  • Workshops
  • Company events to engage and motivate employees to participate in the program

This is a great solution for companies that do not have an employee wellness program and If your company does have a program, SSIFT can be a valuable source when seeking a better program

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