Daryll Joseph

For 3 years I have successfully designed and supervised fitness programs for those seeking to make improvements in their health, body composition and physical performance.  Just as athletes strive to improve their performance through effective training techniques, so to can you benefit from an optimally planned exercise training program designed to reduce body fat, build muscle, improve physical performance and decrease lost time due to injury.

Areas of focus (services)

  • Practice-base nutrition
  • Injury prevention
  • Progressive resistance for strengthening and building skeletal muscle
  • Progressive aerobics for conditioning the heart muscle and reducing body fat
  • Recovery

Your Session:  Upbeat, challenging, positive and technique focused best describes a typical training session.  I have 30 min sessions for beginners and busy folks to 2 hour sessions for elite athletes.  A typical session regardless of length of session includes:  warm up/injury prevention, strength & power development/conditioning, cooldown and debrief.  Some sessions will also include plyometric, medicine ball, and skill development training.  All sessions are time based, meaning you will have a certain amount of time to complete a task and then we’re on to the next, so be ready to work.

I Believe:

  • Your safety and well being are my number one responsibility
  • Your results are my number one objective, they have a due date and should come with a guarantee
  • A good personal trainer will work him/herself out of a job.
  • “You must be sure of your goals, sure of your plans and rock-steady in your commitment.” BOCH
  • Your body won’t look right by simply losing weight
  • I work my clients, but I work them into shape, safely.   So if you want to be my client, be prepared to work.  Fair enough?

My Philosophy:
Exercise is the one thing in life that comes with a guarantee for success. The body exist to do it. Your body is biologically designed to respond to exercise in a positive way regardless of age, sex or physical condition. Participating smart with proper preparation is all we have to do.

I feel that I am best positioned to support you through your fitness journey. I am a seasoned fitness professional with 3 years of experience helping clients solve their problems and achieve their fitness goals.  My fitness certification is from one of the most respected and recognized credentialing organizations in the fitness industry, NASM. I also hold an exercise & sports nutrition certification from Precision Nutrition and my movement-based specialization is from EXOS.   I am also an ex-collegiate football player (Defensive Back – Sam Houston State University).

Call Today and reward yourself with the body you deserve: (936) 672-5528