Swagger State
Integrated Fitness Training (SSIFT)


Proud Member of the Institute of Personal Trainers

Creating workout details that generate clear and steady increases in our clients’ performance and desired results

Our clients are men and women, 18 – 60 years of age,  who want to have a body that will allow them to live their happiest and fullest lives.  Our clients have recognized Swagger State for providing a safe and effective strength and toning experience in a positive culture, through client-centered planning and skilled coaching.

“but strength transcends all skills, specialties and focuses. If you aren’t strong, you’re leaving performance, muscle and resiliency on the table.”  Dr. John Rusin

Unlike most training systems, SSIFT integrates good relationships, nutrition, movement and fitness planning strategies that fit into your lifestyle and not the other way around.  Making you happier, more motivated and more likely to sustain change.

Whether your goal is to lose 40+ lbs, keep up with the grandkids or gain an edge on the competition, we create workout details that will safely and efficiently take you to fitness results consistently, regardless of your age or current condition.  Those details incluWde your training days, exercise selection and order, correct number of minutes, heart rate, rest intervals, sets, reps, weight per rep, etc.  Simply put, you will know what to do, when to do it, how to do it and the results you can expect to achieve ahead of time.

With SSIFT, you will enjoy:

  • The most up-to-date nutrition and fitness information
  • Someone who actually cares about you and your success
  • Coaching you can follow without stressing over unimportant details
  • Results that are more dependable and consistent rather than hit and miss

What you will not find with SSIFT:

  • Diets that are strict or difficult to follow
  • Feeling deprived of your favorite foods
  • Feeling tired from too many (or too much) workouts
  • Confusion about how to exercise the right way

                             Training Programs

  • Client-centered,
  • Simple and efficient
  • Promotes safety, enjoyment and results

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We coach: How and why

  • How it works
  • Success guidelines
  • Code of Ethics

We measure progress: Measure shape with tape.  Measure results with performance

  • Strength – ability to move weight/mass (minimum % increase, i.e. We guarantee a minimum of 8% increase in upper body pushing strength over the next 4 weeks)
  • Cardiovascular conditioning – ability to move blood/oxygen (minimum % increase, i.e. We guarantee a minimum of 30% increase in caloric consumption per min over the next 4 weeks)
  • Body composition – Percent body fat (1 percent fat loss per month after week 8).  Inches lost (8 site sum = a minimum of 1 inch lost per month, starting in the first month

We believe exercise is the one thing in life that comes with a guarantee for success. The body exists to do it. Your body is biologically designed to respond to exercise in a positive way regardless of age, sex or physical condition. Participating smart with proper preparation is all we have to do.

We know that the details of your fitness plan are the foundation upon which all fitness is built. Your fitness plan is the primary element in the achievement of fitness safety and results. The better the fitness plan, the better the results.  It’s as simple as that.

We use two simple progressive fitness planning systems:

1. Progressive resistance: for strengthening and building skeletal muscle

  2. Progressive aerobics:  for conditioning the heart muscle and burning fat


One simple progressive nutrition planning system:

1. Practice/habit-based nutrition

We Guarantee
After the purchase of your training program, you have thirty days from the installation to compare this training program with other similar fitness programs. If by the end of that time, you can locate a better program for less money, with as strong a guarantee and from an accredited Certified Personal Trainer, Swagger State will refund the difference of the clients purchase price.

Upon successful completion of one of our monthly training programs, we guarantee the following improvements (initially agreed upon recommendations): body composition, conditioning level and strength. If you do not improve in all three areas, we will make alterations at our expense and no additional cost to client.
*Maximum allowance of (2) excused cancellations due to emergency or sudden illness every 8 weeks
*There is a 12 hour cancellation policy per scheduled session.
*Must be on time. A 15 minute or more late arrival is an unexcused absence.